Shape Up Performance Centre

Boxing & Fitness Gym in Newstead

No joining fee. First session free.

* All prices for 12 month memberships. Students receive $10 discount/week on memberships

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Casual Rates: $20/adult/student

Casual 10 pack $150/adult $130/student

Why Us?

With the latest equipment and daily classes in one of Brisbane's largest boxing facilities you'll be sure to feel at home. We cater from amateur to professional boxers, with a large cohort of office workers and clients who just want to get a sweat on.

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. Don't feel comfortable with physical contact? That's ok, it's not a requirement. You can still learn the ropes and get fit without taking any hits.

Are you looking at becoming a professional boxer and taking to the ring? We have you covered! Our head coach has been there and was a successful professional boxer. He's got athletes from all types of backgrounds and will tailer your professional development for what suits you best.

What We Offer

Box Fit
Combining heavy bag and pad work with conditioning drills to replicate professional boxing routines. BoxFit will improve your cardiovascular fitness, core strength, speed and agility while toning the body and shedding body fat.
Fit Kids (6 - 16 yrs)
Hand eye/foot coordination drills for the young ones. Incorporating essential drills into fun interactive games with an element of fitness and basic boxing techniques.
Think you have what it takes to be a boxer? First hour is skill based, second hour ranges from set fitness and strength and conditioning drills. If you have the intention of getting into the "squared circle" this class is for you. Come train like a profesional!

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